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Slobodna Dive Information "Winch Hole"

Site Description
The Winch Hole is one of the most accessible and dived upon sites in the Molasses Reef. The site incorporates many interesting features such as a large 8 foot winch, mast partners, and multiple gears. Many of the components of the Winch Hole are possibly associated with the 1887 wrecking of the Slobodna shipwreck within close proximity of this site.
Indiana University is involved in the ongoing survey and assessment of this site. The most recent assessments were in May, 2001. Several Indiana University researchers gathered measurements and photographs of the various wreckage components as well as on selected biological forms. Work is underway to compile a data base including that of a site plan, an underwater photo archive, video documentation, and a comprehensive report.

  • Location: Molasses Reef very near the Molasses Tower, GPS coordinates (25 00.573N 080 22.464W)
  • Depth: Ranges from 18 to 30 feet in depth.
  • Visibility: Average visibility ranges from 35 to 60 feet.
  • Diver Level: Open Water scuba diver, or advanced snorkel.
The site is diverse with life and harbors many artifacts that are very interesting to dive upon. The site has numerous mooring lines around the site. It is an enjoyable dive in shallow water and represents an era of maritime significance.